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  • Over the years we have worked with many web consultants.
    Brian is one of the best.
    - G. Nierenberg, Founder, The Negotiation Institute, New York
  • We are encouraged by your results-driven approach to building and developing websites. Your consultations and expertise have truly been helpful and appreciated.
    - S. Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor (Enterprise-level SEO Platform), New York
  • Brian Rotsztein is by no means a typical SEO consultant. Brian's knowledge of the industry outweighs his competitors. He is a leader, who is not only servicing his clients, but actually teaching other SEO companies.
    - S. Danson, VP, Ad Splash Media (Yellow Pages Group), Montreal
  • You made the process easy, and with all the follow-ups, I feel I received a great value. Thanks again for a job well done.
    - E. Diedrichsen, Antiques Retail Store Owner, Boston
  • Not only is he "The Man" for SEO and online marketing, his understanding of specific business needs will far exceed your expectations. He sincerely looks out for a client's best interests.
    - N. Alexiou, Web Programmer, Montreal
  • I have seen Brian's exceptional presentations. These presentations were remarkable and very interesting. Brian is an amazing public speaker. He has an uncanny sense of technological trends and Internet strategy. His ideas are relevant, thought-provoking, and useful.
    - S. Paiva, Director, Techno Talks
  • Brian and his team have delivered the work on every level but more importantly his vast knowledge on every aspect of Internet Marketing was not only applied to our website but he also took the time to explain and educate us accordingly.
    - K. Kalaydjian, Director of Sales at Zef Scientific, Montreal
  • He is by far the most knowledgeable SEO individual in Montreal. His advice is always an entertaining and a highly beneficial learning experience. I have had the privilege of speaking with Brian at several events and could not imagine a better partner. If you are lucky enough to sit and chat with him, you will receive many nuggets of wisdom.
    - B. Sera-Shriar, Senior Community Manager at Mega Brands, Montreal
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You Don't Need a Website. You Need an Internet Strategy.

People no longer expect to get a job at one company and make a career out of by working there for 50 years. Rather, defining one's life has become more about personal branding and less about places of employment. As those who know me can attest, I only work with the best and offer the highest standards and integrity in all that I do. I believe in the win-win scenario when working with clients.

I use my role as an Internet strategist to varying degrees for several companies that I run or represent. I'm like a sponge with a thirst for knowledge and continually read, test, and integrate ideas, leveraging the information gained to get the best for my clients.

I'm more than just some guy who plays online. I'm a renaissance man with interests and talents that go beyond mere Internet marketing. I give talks at conferences where I don't simply regurgitate the same general info you can get in a blog post but rather synthesize the latest thinking and trends into something relevant, thought-provoking, and useful.

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"Your presentation was great! I love your passion and energy."

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